You understand things you confront

You understand things you confront

[Steer Films]
Vocabulary to learn after watching the video :
  • A man-eating shark
  • The fear turned into fascination
  • What I learned was it’s the world’s biggest lie
  • They really are exquisite
  • Some of them are so elusive and hard to find
  • It’s strong, it’s beautiful, it’s fast, vicious in some eyes, it’s powerful
  • The animal was able to look at me
  • This makes it all worthwhile
  • A huge amazing predator
  • These animals travel hundreds to thousands of miles
  • I feel very fortunate to be able to showcase these animals to millions of people throughout the world
  • Experience all the things I did and even more
  • Shark populations are dropping 70 – 100 million sharks a year
  • That’s mass extinction
  • We are like fire, we just consume everything we see
  • A wildlife film maker
  • These animals have such tolerance for humans
  • You understand things you confront and I really believe that

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