I love to learn, I love to educate myself

I love to learn, I love to educate myself


“Montessori is not a one-child-fits-all approach to education, children are encouraged to learn at their own pace and as a result teachers often find that students show better academic performance, emotional maturity and social skills. In fact many go on to lead exceptional lives.

Freedom within limits. This phrase is often used when describing one of the key components of a Montessori school — children learn best when they are given the reins to their education. In that respect Montessori schools are structured to allow students to have an active say in what, when and how they learn, with older students as mentors and teachers as helpful guides. Special thanks to Humberside Montessori School.”

Vocabulary chunks to learn from video

• Very different from the traditional classroom
• Children move around
• They choose their own activities
• They know what they need to do
• The class is divided from 3 to 6 year olds
• The lower elementary is 6-9 year olds
• The upper elementary is 9-12 year olds
• You have this age mix
• Children can progress
• Helping everyone out
• Become a real leader within the classroom
• The teacher is a link to the classroom
• The whole class helps to run the whole environment
• There are no tests, no marks, no grades
• The teacher’s role is to figure out what this child knows and how well they know it
• Purposeful activities
• They have a love of learning
• I love to learn, I love to work, I love to educate myself
• Involve the children at home in what we call practical life
• Handwriting shopping lists
• Real life living
• Help build the child’s self esteem, self-confidence
• Feel good about themselves
• They need to be involved
• The develop their self-discipline and self-will
• Every child should flourish within a Montessori Classroom

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