Every Sunday

Every Sunday

[Great big story]

“Every Sunday, for the past 24 years, Marjorie Eliot and Rudel Drears open the doors of their Harlem apartment to anyone in the mood for jazz. Initially beginning the apartment sessions as a way to honor her son’s passing, Marjorie’s concerts soon gained popularity and began attracting visitors from all corners of the world. Today, Marjorie’s matinees have become iconic, continuing to restore, renew and unite people all through the magic of music”.

Vocabulary chunks to learn from the video :

Go through the door

Enter the security code

Take the elevator to the third floor

Make your way into a packed apartment

Try to find a seat

Like no other

Open the doors to their apartment

People come and listen to jazz music

If you’re not on time finding a seat can be a little tricky

It’s jam packed

My brother passed away

To honor him with concerts on Sundays

It’s just a healing feeling

That’s pretty cool

Something they won’t forget

We feel renewed

Putting out good energy

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