We had the same dream

We had the same dream

Green Renaissance

For the last 18 years, Christopher and Eva Dry have lived and worked on their biodynamic farm. It hasn’t always been easy, but their love for their land, biodynamic farming, and this special way of living keeps them here. As Christopher says – “The light makes no sense without the dark. It needs the dark to have strength.”

Vocabulary chunks to learn from the video :

Ordinary kind of job
I tried doing nothing for a while
Growing vegetables
There was some value in what you were doing
A biodynamic farm
We had the same dream
Farming activities
Handling cow manure
Digging in the garden
Driving the tractor
Working with the animals
I love getting involved with it
A source of renewal
It makes me feel better
I love the farm and I love being here
Farming is exceedingly difficult
On every front
Somehow we’ve managed to keep going
The children feel that we’re nuts to be here
There will always be materialism
People working towards more idealistic goals
The light makes no sense without the dark
Next lifetime I’m going to be a materialist

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