120 Cereals from around the world

120 Cereals from around the world

[Time Out London]

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 Vocabulary chunks to learn after watching video :

  • Cereal used to be a lot of fun
  • You used to get the toys in the cereal
  • Fun factor
  • We just want to bring it back
  • We are the owners and founders of Cereal Killer Café
  • Specialty Cereal Café
  • 120 different cereals from around the world
  • Good or bad
  • For the last two days
  • Some are quite rare and some are quite hard to get
  • We have dealers across the world
  • Only available one month of the year
  • They are Halloween specials
  • They are very limited
  • Hard work
  • We have managed to get “ a shit ton” of  memorabilia
  • Some stuff that you haven’t seen before
  • Weird memorabilia
  • The biggest cereal experience of their life
  • Leave on a sugar high
  • I absolutely loved it or I absolutely despised it
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