Africa : You’ll never forget it

Africa : You’ll never forget it

 [G Adventures]

Vocabulary chunks to learn after watching the video :

  • I’m not a tourist
  • Nature on a leash
  • From the safety of a couch
  • No commercial breaks
  • Just Africa in high-definition
  • The reception is always perfect
  • I travel to see the world as it is
  • Take snap shots
  • This is an experience that doesn’t fit inside a viewfinder
  • This ain’t  no zoo, no cages, no handlers
  • No gift shop
  • It’s not an enclosure it’s the real deal
  • Escorted out by security
  • This is my planet, the work of living, breathing art
  • You should really come see it sometime



Πτυχία αγγλικών
Michigan Lower Speaking – Michigan Lower Vocabulary – Cambridge English – Cambridge University Press – Wits Language School 

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