32 nights – 50 000 stars – 560 clouds

32 nights – 50 000 stars – 560 clouds

[Great Big Story]

For most of his life, artist Myneandyours lived and worked in his native London. But after 28 years there, he felt the pull to help create a culture, rather than simply be a part of one already well established. So, Myneandyours took his creative talents to Dubai. For the past four years, he’s been on a mission to transform the city’s streets by creating large-scale, immersive art in some of the most unlikely spaces.

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Vocabulary chunks to learn from video :

• Going under the name Myne&yours
• Being inspired by our experiences
• I’m giving back so it becomes yours
• I grew up in London
• I have Arab roots
• I wanted an identity
• It was very much a doodle
• You can use a symbol to make people think
• To create something crazy
• An immersive environment
• A car park
• When I first proposed the idea to them
• The universe and space
• Very quickly into the project
• The further we went along
• Once you go tiny bit beneath the surface
• A huge creative community
• A great group of like minded people doing amazing things
• I had no idea

3 thoughts on “32 nights – 50 000 stars – 560 clouds

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