Tiny home road trips

Tiny home road trips

 [Seeker Stories]

Vocabulary chunks to learn after watching the video :

  • A professional snowboarder
  • He hits the road
  • In his self-made Travelling Tiny Home searching for the perfect snow
  • It took about 3 weeks
  • Some stuff I already had
  • A water tank, a sink, a hot water heater, a furnace a fire-place, a skylight
  • The toilet is an outdoor thing
  • So it’s good you’re a dude
  • A lake front property
  • It’s like having real estate that is priceless
  • You never get homesick with this
  • A snowboarding pioneer
  • You’ve really moved this sport forward
  • You left the professional life
  • Off the grid cabin
  • Tiny mobile house
  • When you build something with your hands it has some energy of yourself in it
  • Being able to head right into the heart of a snowstorm
  • The more you put yourself into something the more you remember it, the more you feel it
  • He is chasing storms
  • Taking self-portraits
  • These stunts that you do are absolutely mind-blowing
  • You set up these shots yourself
  • Were the risks worth it?
  • These are very special moments
  • You are testing how you function under pressure
  • He has set up an outdoor gallery of his photography
  • I wanted to bring art into the woods for that outdoor experience
  • The feeling is overwhelming
  • On the edge of a cliff
  • On a mountain peak
  • Feeling small, vulnerable




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