The secret ingredient

The secret ingredient

[Green Renaissance]

The art of conversation around the dinner table is slowly being lost. Too many people sit with their cellphones. They are not entirely present’ – Brett

VegTable is a special restaurant in South Africa, where Brett cooks and hosts guests in his magical home. He invited us to share a meal with him. To book a delicious meal with Brett, visit VegTable

[Green Renaissance]

Vocabulary chunks to learn after watching the video :

• We love eating out
• Fancy food
• A toasted cheese and tomato sandwich
• Tasteless tomatoes
• There’s a big difference
• Present them on a palette
• By the time it reaches your mouth
• He became a mentor to me
• Pick everything out of his garden
• Dinner parties
• Multi-course meals
• It was all very new to me
• I got hooked I suppose
• Let that rest
• The art of conversation around the dinner table
• Not really entirely present
• People who are all just living in their own bubble
• People are fractured and separated
• I host people to try and make them happy
• My ultimate goal
• Step back and hear all the chatter
• Then I’ve achieved my objective
• If you love something then you put everything into it
• I guess that is probably the secret ingredient




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