This is our Greece

This is our Greece

[visit Greece]

Greece won the “Best Video in Europe” award for 2017 at the second World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Tourism Video Competition with its “Greece – A 365-day Destination” video.  read more

Vocabulary chunks to learn from video :

• A secret banquet
• No two places just alike
• The luxury of simplicity
• Set your sails
• This is your tale
• The spice of life
• Harvest ritual
• Work and love go hand in hand
• Wine routes
• Living in the moment
• Ancient practices
• Heal, rejuvenate the body and the soul
• From earth to heaven
• The age-old greeting
• An ideal destination
• Miles of memories
• Local recipes
• The stories of the day unfold
• It can last a lifetime
• To dance and sing and celebrate
• The joy of company
• The miracle of life


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