Look Up #6

Look Up #6

Great Big Story


The milky eagle owl, also known as Verreaux’s eagle-owl, is as powerful as it is beautiful. Found throughout sub-Saharan Africa, it is the continent’s largest owl. With wingspans that can stretch up to five feet in length, its size and power make it one of only a few African birds that can hunt a porcupine successfully. While it is a dominant bird, the combined effects of habitat loss, hunting, drought and disease have drastically reduced its population.

Vocabulary chunks to learn after watching the video :

  • A milky eagle owl
  • The largest African Owl
  • It is found throughout Sub Saharan Africa 
  • The Eagle in their name refers to their large size
  • Females are much larger than males
  • Over a third bigger
  • They feed on a large variety of animals
  • Using their sharp vision
  • They spot prey
  • Seizing them with their powerful talons
  • A dominant bird
  • Its population has seen a decline
  • Due to a combination of
  • Loss of suitable habitat, hunting, disease and drought
  • A slow reproductive rate
  • Difficult for the population to recover quickly

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