Make room for your life #2

Make room for your life #2

Vocabulary chunks to learn after watching the video
  • I started DJ-ing at the age of 11
  • I just used to head straight from school to the record shop
  • My house slowly filled up, they spilled over to the kitchen, down the hallway
  • Every room you can mention in the house has records
  • I do get annoyed with it
  • It drives me crazy
  • There’s just stuff everywhere
  • I’ve been doing it mish mash, wrong way round for years
  • Don’t touch my stuff
  • They’ve been a massive support to me in pursuing my passion
  • Get all the mess out-of-the-way and create space for them to live again
  • Come on seriously man
  • What can I say man I want to go and hug everyone in IKEA
  • I think he is super-duper happy now
  • This is the music room
  • I can focus my time and effort on my family

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