Standing on the edge of the world

Standing on the edge of the world


 [Destination British Columbia]

“When I pause   Listen   I hear it

The Calling   A beacon to return to a place   And myself  British Columbia

To be amongst the elements    The purest water and air

Fertile abundance

 A natural richness that overtime has quietly becomes the true currency of life

And this place is the kingdom of abundance

A land of giants    British Columbia forces you to rethink life’s measures

What is big?   What is power?   What is important?

The supreme nature    Super  Natural

The thread that connects us all is undeniable in this place that the aboriginal peoples have honored for millennia

Massive groves   Standing giants fed by the climate and circle of life

Altitude swings that take you from sea  to sky

From rainforest  to dessert   to snow-capped peaks.

This is the place where wildlife thrives

All in the court of her majesty   mother nature

She chose this place to erect her monuments

Masterpieces forever in the making constant and changing

A dichotomy that reflects our refined civilization and raw wilderness

It’s the rush of standing on the edge of the world

The deafening quiet of a mystical morning

The exhilaration of British Columbia that reminds you of what it feels like to be alive

To find the wild within   Super  natural British Columbia ”

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