A place of miracles

A place of miracles

Vocabulary chunks to learn after watching the video :
  • Singita’s philosophy is to protect large tracks of land for future generations
  • To preserve and to protect them
  • Nature has evolved over millions and millions of years
  • One of the golden rules in conservation management is that you can’t reverse a process in one day
  • You are seeing business today being run with a much shorter time frame
  • With less strategic thinking than ever before
  • We have built this business block by block
  • To ensure that nature is left to itself, that man does not interfere
  • We have to intervene very quickly, to ensure that areas are protected for the long-term
  • It so incredibly authentic to come to Africa
  • People say to me that they go home looking at life very differently
  • It impacts on you on a spiritual basis, on a physical basis, on a sensory basis
  • There is a  sense of well-being
  • We will only take on new projects if they are as good, if not better, than our existing product offering
  • We look for these painstakingly
  • They are rare they are difficult to find
  • We are building a legacy
  • And that legacy we hope will endure for a long time
A map of the region :

Map of Singita

For further information visit Singita HERE

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