Eating breakfast with giraffes

Eating breakfast with giraffes

 [Seeker Stories]

Vocabulary chunks to learn after watching the video :

  • A split second
  • A man-eater
  • It messes with your sense of scale
  • A conservation biologist
  • A free roaming sanctuary
  • It was modeled on a Scottish hunting lodge
  • It became involved in giraffe conservation
  • A breeding program
  • To help fund the project the owners run a hotel
  • Up-close and personal
  • Soulful creatures
  • You really get a sense of that when you are up-close
  • 9 different sub species of giraffes
  • They are being poached out of existence for their tusks and for their horns
  • Highly endangered
  • Their  numbers have plummeted in recent years
  • Snap a shot
  • Downloaded my photos
  • Coming back year after year
  • Add this to your bucket list
More of Robin Moore’s photos  :  Robin Moore
Visit Giraffe Manor  : Giraffe Manor 
lexical chunks – engvid- videos for the classroom

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