Do you like climbing trees?

Do you like climbing trees?

[Londonist Ltd]

 Vocabulary chunks to learn after watching video :

  • I’m an obsessive tree climber
  • Probably 200 or so trees across the city
  • I’ve distilled that into my book
  • The tree climber’s guide
  • Central London
  • All the emails, the phone calls and the spreadsheets
  • So I stepped out into a park with a sandwich
  • A pine tree
  • 60 Feet above London
  • The view was just amazing
  • Start at the end of your road
  • Local green space, a park or garden
  • Start on a low branch
  • Until your confidence builds
  • Take a friend to help you out
  • With a friend you can get into 100 more trees than you would on your own
  • Work your way up
  • Risk-averse (opposed to taking risks) age
  • Councils are terrified about being sued
  • If you’re cautious and respectable
  • There is no reason you shouldn’t explore trees across the city
  • It grows up to 60 or 70 feet high
  • You can get all the way to the top
  • Maybe one day we’ll come back
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