The Art of Geometry

The Art of Geometry

[Deep Green Sea]
Manousos Chalkiadakis
Manousos Chalkiadakis was born in Hania Crete in 1948.  His studies of Economics in Aristoteleio University of Thessaloniki and later, his accounting pursuits, in Athens, inevitably conflicted  with his artistic spirit and he decided to make a new beginning.  Among the different forms of art he experimented with, (jewellery, photography, painting), pottery won him over and became his focal point.
In 1987 he decided to return to Hania.  He settled in Paidohori, Apokoronas, a small village at the foot of “Lefka Ori” (White Mountains).  He renovated an 18th century Venetian ruin, created his studio and one of the most amazing houses of the Cretan countryside.
In 1989 he won the second award of the Panhellenic Ceramics Exhibition in Amarousion Athens and in 1990 he won the first award.  Having participated in many exhibitions and having been established as a prominent Greek artist, he founded the art gallery “Tzamia – Krystalla” in the commercial center of Hania, Crete.  The gallery became a cultural centre for the city. In addition to exhibiting the works of Greek and International artists, it also hosted well known singers and musicians in concert for select audiences.  The gallery has recently relocated to the island of Santorini.
Manousos mainly uses two techniques:
The “classical technique”, where the object is fired for the first time without glaze at 1000C and for the second time at 1200C, after having been enamelled.  With this technique, by using oxides of different metals (iron, cobalt, copper), Manousos creates the colours that characterise his work.
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