Ideas worth spreading

Ideas worth spreading


Vocabulary to learn after watching the video :

  • What is TED for those of our viewers who may have been living under a rock
  • TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design
  • In 1984 a group of professionals in those three areas got together and thought it would be a good idea to create a conference
  • Ideas could be shared about these subjects
  • People could become inspired
  • Ideas could be spread
  • That’s where TED talks were born
  • The x in TEDx stands for an independently organized event
  • It’s a completely different group of people, it could be a church, it could be a school, a business
  • They have received a license from TED to conduct TED like events
  • These events feature talks and performances
  • I have three loves
  • The first one is Science, I’m a conservation biologist  
  • The second one is public speaking, I’m a toastmaster and I compete a lot in public events
  • The third one is performance, performing arts I’m a dancer and I do a lot of theatre
  • I merged these three loves
  • I was coaching my colleagues, my scientific peers
  • They don’t have a good reputation for being able to speak well
  • I was helping them to create effective messages
  • This caught the attention of a few people who were organizing a TEDx event
  • I happily signed on
  • TEDx talks are a potent cocktail of all sorts of public speaking and rhetorical ingredients
  • You’ve got a formula or a structure which starts normally with a very provocative beginning
  • This catches the hook for the audience
  • Story telling techniques
  • Anecdotes
  • Vocal variety and body language
  • Telling a story something interesting  something empowering or passionate
  • It ends with  an action, the audience can be inspired to think or do or say
  • My job as a speaker coach is to bring out these elements in the speaker
  • A good talk has been rehearsed about 100 times
  • There’s hundreds of hours of practice
  • Detailed choreography
  • Talking slowly, quickly
  • It is a mixture of work, an idea worth spreading


IELTS vocabulary – Business English – Public Speaking – Michigan proficiency – Tedx events – TED speaker coach – Learn English with TED talks

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