Weekly Photo Challenge || Door

Door1             Door 2

photography by : vocabulary | in | chunks
Some interesting facts about doors :

  • Archeologists discovered what may be Europe’s oldest door while excavating a site in Zürich, Switzerland. Tree ring dating of the wood used to make the door puts its age at roughly 5,100 years old.
  • The largest doors in the world are purported to be the entrances to NASA’s Vehicle Assembly Building at Kennedy Space Center. These doors are 456 feet (or 45 stories) tall and take 45 minutes to open or close.
  • Most deadbolts found on commercial and residential doors are pin tumbler locks. It’s thought that the Egyptians invented an early prototype of the modern pin tumbler about 4,000 years ago. However it didn’t catch on until locksmith Linus Yale, Jr. patented one that operated with a small, flat key in 1861.
  • Hero of Alexandria is credited with designing one of the earliest automatic doors, in the first century AD. The system of counterbalanced, steam-powered weights opened the temple doors when priests made burnt offerings at the alter.
(source : national geographic channel)

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Doors”

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