Street Art

Street Art

Watch the following video :

 (DW English)
Vocabulary to learn after watching the video :
  • International participants in the Urban National Festival
  • Her work is on display in cities such as Paris and Chicago
  • These graffiti artists are working in Berlin for free
  • With the official permission of local authorities
  • An abstract visual language
  • You create a dialogue with the community
  • To bring together artists who enhance urban spaces in neighborhoods
  • By hosting workshops, events and exhibitions
  • It promotes community participation and creative exchange
  • To do projects in the city
  • Raise awareness
  • It’s not just vandalism
  • Has gained an international reputation as a capital of street art
  • Grey and drab at the time it’s run down facades became canvases for graffiti
  • It boosts neighborhood pride
  • Most locals seem to like what the artists do
  • Some will be replaced by new ones

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