Give kids back their wildhood

Give kids back their wildhood

Watch the following video :

gorving canada

Vocabulary to learn after watching the video :

  • Kids want their wildhood back
  • They want to play, not have play dates
  • They want to get dirty, not get sanitized
  • They want to wander
  • Be left alone for more than 5 minutes
  • They want to sleep in a bunk
  • Stare at the stars past their bedtime
  • Eat with their hands
  • Eat from a stick
  • Visit their neighbour without a chaperone
  • They want to run, skip and roam free
  • Let’s give them back their wildhood

2 thoughts on “Give kids back their wildhood

  1. I like ‘wildhood’! And I like your blog. As a parttime non-native English blogger I’m confident your blog will proof to be very useful. I look up words in an online dictionary but for (chunks of) phrases it’s hard finding translation for.

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