Have you ever been on an Aqua Safari?

Have you ever been on an Aqua Safari?

Watch to following video :

telegraph.co.uk / smithsonian channel
telegraph.co.uk / smithsonian channel

Vocabulary to learn after watching the video:

  • Will set sail for a major highlight of this cruise
  • A play ground for the rich and famous
  • The island of Bora Bora
  • The stuff dreams are made of
  • An extinct volcano
  • One of the most beautiful in the world
  • An aqua safari
  • 10 minutes off Bora Bora
  • Even Non-divers can swim with the fish
  • A large heavy helmet attached to long air hose
  • The helmet is water tight
  • Breath naturally
  • Hundreds of different species of fish and coral are found in the waters around Bora Bora

Bora Bora is a tropical island in French Polynesia, located in the middle of the Pacific ocean halfway between Australia and the USA.

Map of the region :


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