From Trash to Art

From Trash to Art

Watch the following video :

Vocabulary to learn after watching the video :

  • The plastic parts come from a car interior and the rest from bits he found on the street
  • This work is part of his “Trash Animals series”
  • The street is his studio
  • The outside walls are his canvas
  • He first made a name for himself in 2014 with this giant owl made of scrap
  • The sculptor has attracted a lot of attention on the internet with most people praising his creations originality
  • He wants to alert people to the consequences of climate change
  • He grew up in Lisbon and started creating street art when he was 11
  • “What I see every day is what motivates me”
  • In Portugal Street Art has developed into a culture in its own right
  • The authorities support Street Art Projects
  • They can experience art without having to go to the museum
  • His artworks also feature in exhibitions
  • A big solo show in a Lisbon gallery
  • You can sell it to an art collector
  • They are made to last forever
  • We transform it into something different
More information about the artist  : Bordalo II

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