Photos from a Storm Chaser

Photos from a Storm Chaser

Watch the following video :

Vocabulary to learn after watching the video :

  • Everything is interconnected. 
  • We are a small fishing tribe 
  • That’s part of you up there. That’s your water that helps to make the cloud that becomes the rain that feeds the plants that feeds the animals
  • In my continued exploration of subjects in nature that have the ability to illustrate the interconnection of all life
  • I started storm chasing in 2008
  • They can grow so big, blocking all daylight
  • And then there are the colors in the clouds of hail forming, the greens and the turquoise blues. 
  • What really excites me about these storms is their movement
  • They become lovely monsters.
  • The same process in a small-scale version that helped to create our galaxy, our solar system, our sun and even this very planet

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