How to use Vocuabulary in Chunks

How to use Vocuabulary in Chunks

My passion is teaching English as a Foreign Language.   I love making my lessons fun and interesting and therefore use videos in all my classes.  I am privileged to have interactive whiteboards and access to the internet at the English Language Schools I teach.

 I started this blog both for teachers to use in the classroom and for students to use in their free time.  The videos on this blog should only be used for language learning purposes. They are suitable for English students from a B1 level and above.  By watching the short videos students will enhance their listening skills.  By studying some of the “Vocabulary in Chunks” they will further develop their English vocabulary. 

Learning should be fun.  I hope you enjoy using it.

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4 thoughts on “How to use Vocuabulary in Chunks

  1. Hi, I like etymology so I’ve enjoyed browsing through your blog this morning .. led here by the wordpress photo challenge vibrant. couldnt agree more about ‘chunks’ of language. learning words in isolation doesnt lead to communication – and isnt that what learning langauges is about?
    thankyou for this blog.

  2. Great idea – I too can see how learning in phrases makes so much sense – the natural rhythms of speech are there – and anyway, it’s all relative, isn’t it? Thanks for the follow!

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